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About Us

    Members-only automotive club founded on the love of all that's automotive. Our indifference is in our passion and not our choice of rides. Being a part of our family means being a part of a purely automotive community; we enjoy the rides and the car talks. We appreciate and respect all that's automotive. We most importantly respect and bond with one another. 

We are Automotive Club Emirates!

Club Values & Rules
  • Respect all family members.

  • Racism and discrimination are strictly forbidden.

  • No politics/religious talks.

  • Insulting, mocking and disrespecting current or previous family members and their cars is not acceptable.

  • Members may not advertise or sell products without admin approval.

  • On arrival to events members must seek the event organizers and register attendance.

  • Club events are meant to be safe, fun and organized. Members must abide by all UAE traffic laws. Lead cars must never be overtaken during drives.

  • Anyone who breaks the rules above will receive warnings for the first and second times respectively and then their membership will be re-evaluated for third offences; possibly resulting in a permanent ban from the club.

  • All members must try to attend all events, if members fail to attend three consecutive events; a one month ban will be implemented for first time offenders, second time offenders will be removed from the club.

  • In case of complaints members may use the complaints forum on the website.

  • In case members have any suggestions they can use the suggestions forum on the website.

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Exclusive Events Acess
Exclusive events access


As a member of the fastest growing club in the UAE, you will get exclusive priority access to all events held by Automotive Club Emirates where you can join other fellow petrol-heads for great chats, thrilling road trips, car meets and so much more!

Exclusive sponsor offers


As a member of the Automotive Club Emirates family; you will receive discounts and exclusive offers from our partnering sponsors. As well as, exclusive Access to all events held by them. The great news is, the more sponsors team up with us, the more your privileges are!

Thursday Game night
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